A world gone cold….so let us warm it with kindness!

Hey! So I have been thinking a lot about all the hate and division that exists so prevelantly in the world today, so I wrote a poem about it!

As you exist in the vast hole within your soul
Try and find the reasons you are there
What is your purpose?
Whatever it is, do it with kindness
For we live in a world gone cold
Stripped of our dignity and caged in defeat
Our voices silenced behind a curtain of false applause
We are raised in fear and shamed for our courage
In a sea of broken smiles and jaded eyes
Be the shining light and speak your mind
There is no right or wrong way, as long as your heart leads the way
So pull up a chair and get comfy, or grab your keys and go
As you take this life changing journey into the vast hole within your soul

Jennifer Steen

I have been able to accept just how much cruelty and hate exists between people, but do not like it at all, and wish for things to be different. The optimist within believes that compassion and kindness will always defeat the evil and ignorance surrounding us, as individuals and as a whole. In my own life I can honestly say I have my moments where I am not so nice, impatient, and stressed. Yet I never act of hate or set out to tear people down. Also being a realist I know that the idea of worldwide harmony and inner peace for all is a long way away if possible at all. You know that saying “Without suffering, there would be no compassion”. So my focus is on my own inner peace and being kind, yeah I know, easier said than done!

Now I will say that there is nothing wrong with being stern and taking a stand against those who spew their hate on you. People think being kind in the face of hate, is to weak. They are so wrong! While violence is also rampant in our society, no good ever comes out of it…..

My hope for the future is that those of us who do share this vision and strive to be kind and compassionate, will stay on the course and encourage others to do the same. Show by example!! But if they don’t follow, then stand alone! It is the bravest thing you can ever do!!

I leave you with this quote “It is the quality of ones conviction that determines success, not the number of followers”. ~Remus Lupin Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

YES lol I am a Harry Potter fan!!


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