Emotional wounds and the scars they leave, how do you see yours?

Hey everyone! I wrote this in May of this year, I am on several different journeys at the moment and this is one I have been working on recently. I have had personal experiences with those who can’t or won’t

heal these properly and it is one of the saddest things I have seen. Watching them self destruct and drag others down, including myself has put lots of things into perspective for me. I have been working on a series of poems that tell the story of some very traumatic experiences and in the pain, I am finding healing. I choose not to continue the cycle of passing those down to family and my kids. I am breaking the mold and using my trauma as a way to guide light to those who reside in darkness. So here it is…….

Emotional wounds are not so different from physical wounds. As I try to heal the scars left on the inside, I am reminded of how are wounds heal on the outside. You get hurt, you bleed, and then you try and medicate the wound so it will heal, yet it always leaves scars.
I remember when I was young always begging my mom to use peroxide instead of alcohol because it did not burn. Then to use ointment to soothe and then a band aid to cover it up until it healed. How many of you could not help but pick at the scab, opening the wound again? Where it more than likely started bleeding again and was at risk for an infection.
There will be people who throw alcohol on your wound, so they can see you in pain. There will be those that use peroxide to clean out the wound and use the right ointment to help it heal, soothing the pain because they love you enough to not cause you more pain. But only you are in control of picking the scab and opening yourself up to more discomfort and infection. Just like the scar that remains, so will the memory of what put it there. Yet we have the power to look at those scars and decide whether or not we will wear them with pride or with shame. I suffer from this myself, re opening wounds that just need to heal, coming to terms with what put them there, and then finding the positive in them instead of the negative. While it does matter what put them there, it is what you see in them, that makes you who you are. Using them to inflict more pain, will only allow you to become infected. Using them for good, tells a story of survival, perseverance, and forgiveness.

Until next time ✌🏼❤🕉

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