Smashing Pumpkins concert July 14, 2018 OKC

I have been trying for days to write exactly how I feel about the show and the emotions it brought out in me. So I am just going to say how I feel, what I experienced and keep it as short as possible.
Coming into the venue and in the days leading up to the concert, I really did not know what to expect. I knew my inner teenage self would be in Mellon Collie heaven and just happy to see them live. I was not prepared for the emotionally charged concert I was honored to witness. Not that I even thought they would be bad, no way that is possible! From the video montage giving the audience a visual of the albums spanning their career and then Billy standing on stage, just a man and his guitar, letting us into his private pain with Disarm. I was speechless, I sat with my heart in my throat but a smile on my face. It was just plain beautiful!

Photo taken by and credited to Greg Easley, who undoubtedly had the best seats in the house!

For three hours I was taken on a journey through 30 years of songs including 1979, Tonight, Tonight, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Today, and Cherub Rock. I entered a Stairway to Heaven into a musical masterpiece that was so obviously constructed with love, care, a touch of weird. Which is totally my normal! The visuals and stage production did not take away from the sound or the performance one bit, it flowed seamlessly and complimented the story being told. The first example that came to mind was Pink Floyd’s The Wall but uniquely all Smashing Pumpkins. I left there in a daze, just as most people I saw did. Like holy shit what did we just experience? Epicness that’s what!!

Photo taken by and credited to Greg Easley

You can not deny the importance of what the Smashing Pumpkins did for a generation and the voice they gave us! So thank you for taking me back to what I now recognize as a simpler time in my life. The angsty childhood and teen years where I thought no one understood or listened to me. The Smashing Pumpkins did. Music in itself did and it still does as I grow older and witness the distress going on in the world, it is music that heals me! I know I am not alone in that truth.

23 years of waiting and it was worth every moment and the years it took to get there! I got to experience this with my amazing husband who also used to fall asleep listening to them as a teenager, just as I did!
So in closing I will say if you are a fan, you need to buy you a ticket and just GO if you can, you will not regret it!


P.S. Writer problem #2, I can never seem to keep things short unless it’s a poem, sorry not sorry!

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