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She Smiles

You see her smile and act as if her world is alright
But do you know the pain she tries to hide?
It does not mean it is fake
A smile can mean many things
She smiles because she woke up this morning
She smiles because even though she feels like a failure, her kids eyes still sparkle when they look at her
She smiles because she has a good man by her side, who has given his all to be her rock
She smiles because she has amazing people who have stuck by her side and love her for who she is, baggage and all
She smiles because she soaking up every precious moment
Ever hug and every kiss
Bringing her closer to happiness and further away from despair
When she feel so rotten inside
She has to find the places that make her feel whole inside
The people who make her feel worthy
The places that breath life into her soul
And never let them go!

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