You are worthy, so own it!

Never let anyone make you feel bad for knowing your own worth! Be your own champion and cheer yourself on, in the good times and the bad. You will never find the validation you seek, if you do not value yourself first. Simple as that!

Let your thoughts flow and do not be ashamed of them, own them! These negative and positive thoughts, give them the voice they are seeking. We speak to be heard, to communicate. These thoughts become art, they become our haven to understanding ourselves and the world around us. They inspire and save lives!

I now decide what I am willing to sacrifice for happiness. I however will never lose myself again, for anything or anybody. Until we start accepting ourselves and others, we will forever be giving up and giving in. ~Jennifer Steen Sept. 12, 2018

We are souls reaching out to connect with something bigger than us. A way to cope and learn to grow in the safety of ourselves and our tribe. Continue to look inward often and put yourself first! Yes you! Then your job, your kids, significant other, etc. Some people are not going to agree with me on that and it’s ok, I get it, truly. It is not self serving at all, its preservation.

*sigh* I realized today that while I am making progress in my journey. I am still stuck putting other things first, instead of me. Everyday life and challenges become overwhelming and complicated. I feel guilt and sadness in my self imposed isolation from what I struggle to face. The pain, the unknown, It is not designed to be easy, we must find the clues in the labyrinth of our minds. You will undoubtedly take wrong turns but there is a way back, even if it’s from the way you came. They are not called second chances for nothing!

So I think that wraps my late night thoughts and ramblings. It is my go to form of therapy to write and it is my gift. I am proud of that gift and honor it! I hope you all do the same, it will change the world, I promise! Thank you for reading!

~Jennifer Steen ☮💙🕉

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