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Self L, C, and hopefully one day A

I have been practicing a great deal of self love over the past few years, a continuous work in progress. The decisions I made where 100% neccessary and I do not regret them. With this practice I was able to let go of a tremendous amount of stress. I learned that I do not have to be present all the time, that I can say no and not feel bad. I love myself more today than I ever have before.

Along those lines I have learned the art of self care and this is non negotiable. Everyone has different needs and an alternative approach that works best for them. Again, I love that I have not only found my limits but that I respect them.

My one remaining obstacle is self acceptance. Shame has saturated my psyche and it has me in tears often. Now a good cry is the best but not these kind of tears. They are a product of a black and white society in a world of colors and shades of gray. Breaking cycles and toxic mindsets is a journey I will never finish but it’s a marathon not a race.

To all the amazing people who support me and love me, you are forever in my heart and the appreciation I feel can never be expressed to my specifications, so my word will just have to do. Actions are not my forte and I know that goes against the grain but I would not be me if that was not the case lol


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